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PEPCO Info Session During E-Week (This Friday)

PEPCO, a local power and energy company, is anxious for GW’s engineering students to explore employment opportunities within its organization. In particular, PEPCO seeks engineering students in the fields of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.  Students with minors in sustainability should also plan to attend. To that end, PEPCO managers are hosting a luncheon at their offices this Friday, February 21, from 11:30 am  until 2 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to meet with, and to speak with, PEPCO’s hiring managers. This site visit also aligns well with Engineers Week!

When I found out all the E-Ball Tickets were sold


Kudos to Alyse Stone for arranging (and selling out) an awesome E-Ball. I think everyone had a good time and hopefully we’ll put some pictures up soon.

Putting my Minty Fresh Beats speaker to good use

GW tech collective stirring things up yesterday making a speaker that fits in an altoid can. What will they think of next?

When my egg drop project worked


Shout out to ASME for a great egg drop event yesterday, engineering principles were demonstrated, ingenuity was cherished, and best of all we confused the yolk (hehe) out of all the non engineers passing by.