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Health Career Fair

Priority registration for GW’s Second Annual Health Professions Fair ends tomorrow!The fair will be held April 8th from 4pm to 7pm in the Smith Center. You can come for a few minutes between classes or linger for a while…whatever works for you. Meet and network with representatives from over 80 programs including medical, physician assistant, nursing, post-baccalaureate, and more. REGISTER to get a name-tag and a seat at the breakout sessions (one about medicine and one about nursing)!

Wondering what you could possibly learn at a fair that you can’t learn from a website? Here are some ideas.

Wondering if it’s worth it to go? Consider this feedback from a past participant.

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A special word about the Health Professions School Fair this week…

 You’ve seen a lot of chatter about the Health Professions School Fair and you may be wondering why it’s such a big deal. So here’s the who, what, where, when, why, and how:

WHO: This fair is for you! And when we say “you” we mean it! It can be helpful for a freshman who is just exploring, a sophomore anticipating the application process, or an upper-classman, grad student or alumni currently in the application process. There is something for everyone.

WHAT: About 80 health profession programs come to GW for three hours to be available to you! Programs will have a table with 1 or 2 reps, and you can talk to them about their program, what it offers, what they are looking for from applicants, etc. We will also have a few breakout sessions after the fair (including one with Dr. Yolanda Haywood, Dean of Diversity and Inclusion at GW Medical School), and priority will go to those who have registered. You also get a nice little name tag if you register in advance.

WHEREHere! On campus! At the Smith Center! 

WHEN: Tuesday, April 8th from 4pm to 7pm, with breakouts from 7pm to 8pm. You may want to only visit with one or two programs and be there for 15 minutes. That is totally fine. You may want to talk to a dozen different reps and spend a few hours on the floor. That is fine as well. Whatever works for your schedule that day.

WHY: It’s a great opportunity for you to practice talking to schools and presenting yourself professionally, something you’ll be doing throughout the application process down the road. It is also an opportunity to learn more about a program without having to visit. And we all know that you can often learn a lot more from a person than from a website. Also, some of the tables will have free stuff.

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