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Social Driver Software Engineer

Social Driver Site Visit Thursday, December 5 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Join the Center for Career Services on a visit to Social Driver, a digital agency that builds websites, develops mobile apps and runs social media campaigns to help businesses connect with people online.  

GW alum Anthony Shop is the co-founder of Social Driver and several other alums currently work in the DC headquarters. 

During the site visit, students can learn more about opportunities within the company, take a tour of the office, and connect with GW alums

Any SEAS student that participates in the site visit will be interviewed for the Software Engineer posting below on that Thursday, December 5.

RSVP via GWork under Events> Workshops!  Space is limited.


Job Opportunity

SAP National Security Services Inc.™ (SAP NS2 ™) is an independent U.S. subsidiary of the global enterprise software company SAP, offering a full suite of world-class enterprise applications, analytics, database, cyber security, cloud, and mobile software solutions from SAP, with specialized levels of security and support to meet the unique mission requirements of US national security and critical infrastructure customers.

In addition to software solutions, the company offers consulting and support services from credentialed experts in the national security space.

The job is also listed on GWork position # 788655. If you are strongly interested please email Staci to get in touch with the employer contact.