FALL 2014 Registration!!!!


An academic advising hold will be placed on your account. All students who plan to register for Fall 2014 must meet with their assigned advisor. At this meeting, you are expected to prepare a plan for next semester’s courses, to discuss your plans with your advisor, and to get your advisor’s signature on the Undergraduate Advising Form (click here). Complete all forms in black or blue pen. Your advising hold will be removed once you have submitted your signed form to Tompkins Hall, Room 104 (Please allow for up to one business day for your hold to be removed).

FRESHMEN: To schedule either an individual or group appointment with your professional advisor, visit the SEAS website (click here) and click on your advisor’s calendar link. Freshmen can also sign up together for group advising by adding your classmates’ names in the Comments section. In addition, freshmen may see their professional advisor during Express Advising Hours FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE BASIS. Your form must be completed prior to your appointment or you will be asked to reschedule. No Exceptions.
  • Hetal Patel advises Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering majors
  • Myles Robinson advises Applied Science & Technology, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Engineering majors.
  • If you are undeclared and want to remain undeclared, please see Myles Robinson.
  • Express Advising Hours:
    • Mondays/Wednesdays 2:00PM-4:00PM
    • Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:00PM-5:00PM
SOPHOMORES & JUNIORS: Please schedule appointments with your assigned faculty advisor. If you are uncertain who your assigned faculty advisor is, check DegreeMAP first. Otherwise, if not listed in DegreeMAP, then please ask your departmental administrators or your professional advisor. Students are highly encouraged to meet with their advisors EARLY within the next 2 weeks to avoid last minute scheduling delays. Please try to visit during faculty advisor’s office hours before trying to schedule an appointment time. Plus, have your form filled out ahead of time!


In addition to your advising holds, you may have other holds on your account. To view your other registration holds, sign in and view up-to-date information in the “My Actions Items” section of the MyGWPortal at http://my.gwu.edu. Read more about removing other holds by clicking here

Here is the registration schedule from the Registrar’s website (click here) and other tips on how to register.


Undergraduate Students:

March 24


90 or more hours (credits) earned

March 25


70 or more hours (credits) earned

March 26


50 or more hours (credits) earned

March 27


30 or more hours (credits) earned

March 28


Less than 30 hours (credits) earned

General Registration

Mar 29 – Aug 24


All Degree-Seeking Students

August 1-24


Non-Degree Students


  1. Check DegreeMAP for all outstanding requirements for your major and any secondary fields, minors, or concentrations. If you plan to change your major/concentration, then please complete the Major/Concentration Update Form (click here) with your advisor.
  2. Make sure that you use the University BulletinSchedule of Classes, and Curriculum Sheets (visit your respective departmental websites), which are great resources for you, to plan ahead for courses.
  3. Bring in a weekly schedule of which courses you want to take next semester, including the course numbers, section numbers, course titles, and CRN numbers. The weekly schedule, which has the days of the weeks and times of day, is beneficial for making sure that time conflicts are avoided. This schedule can be either hand-written, a printed sheet, or displayed electronically, but you need to have the schedule with you for advising.
  4. Complete the Undergraduate Advising Form using CRN numbers, department codes, course numbers, section numbers, and course titles for me to sign.
Good luck on your midterms!

Office of Undergraduate Student Services, Advising, and Records

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