Student Leadership Opportunity: Become a University Justice or Civility Educator!

Are you interested in serving as a premier leader for the GW community?  Are you a steward of integrity and accountability?  Become a University Justice or Civility Educator! 

University Justices serve as a member of the University Hearing Board, which is designed to provide a prompt, fair decision in serious disciplinary cases.  University Justices will receive in-depth training to interpret the “Code” appropriately, ask probing questions, evaluate evidence, and build a consensus with other Board members.

Civility Educators are designated to facilitate educational conversations with students going through the Office of Civility & Community Standards process. Civility Educators focus their conversations with a student on making healthy choices and how to reflect those choices within a student’s daily life, in addition to discussing ways to maintain the university’s standards.

To apply for this exciting opportunity, visit for more information and to download the application.  Applications are due by 5:00pm on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.  Submit your application via e-mail to or in person at the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at 2129 I Street, NW.  Questions?  Call 202-994-6757.


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