BMES 1st Meeting!!


DH House this coming Monday at 8:30PM for this years first GBM. Come meet the E-board and enjoy a light dinner as we re-introduce our organization to members and newcomers alike. We will be touching upon upcoming events, positions we’re recruiting for, opportunities around campus, and more! 

Apply to be on the BMES E-board

BMES is recruiting for the following positions:

Fundraising Chair
Freshman Rep
Sophomore Rep

If you think you have what it takes to hold any of these positions, let us know here by 9/23. We will be reaching out to all applicants shorty thereafter.
Remember, general re-elections will be held at the end of this semester for every E-board position. These positions are a great way for new-comers to get a taste of the inner workings of BMES and gain leadership experience.

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