Mini-Baja Team



Team members, left to right: Jess Greulich (junior MAE), Jay Maybank (junior ECE), Stephen Preston (freshman MAE), Ryan Mossbarger (junior MAE), Mike Goldstein (junior MAE), Molly Mercer (sophomore MAE), Tyler Miller (freshman MAE), Laura Wise (sophomore MAE), David Dibachi (junior MAE, student leader), Prof. Murray Snyder (MAE, faculty adviser).  Not shown: Dan Kloepfer (freshman MAE).


SEAS students competed in the recent Society of Automotive Engineers Mini-Baja competition at Tennessee Technology University in Cookeville, Tennessee.  In this competition, the SEAS students designed and built an off-road vehicle that competed with similar vehicles from over 100 other universities.  This was the first SEAS participation in this event since 2008.  The SEAS team successfully passed the demanding technical and brake inspection and drove their vehicle over the difficult 2.4-mile off-road course as part of the endurance competition.  

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