Commencement Awards

Time to nominate your classmates for commencement awards; the descriptions are below and you can send your nominations to [how do they nominate students??]

Norman B. Ames Memorial Award

Established by the many friends of Professor Ames in memory of Carolyn E. Schmidt (a relative) who died 7/20/78.

Candidate: Senior(s) for significant contributions to the students, SEAS and GW


The George Ellowitz Prize

Established by Mr. Robert L. Morris in honor of George Ellowitz.

Candidate: Senior who has best demonstrated, during their undergraduate studies, a broad interest in the humanities or social sciences. Student should submit a proposal.


Susan Shin Award

The award created to honor the memory of this outstanding young lady, will be given at SEAS Commencement to the junior (rising senior) that best exhibits the qualities by-which Susan Shin herself lived her life.

Candidate: Junior (rising senior) demonstrating Susan Chin’s qualities

Criteria:  The reoccurring awareness of others’ well-being is a rarity in today’s society, and one that should not only be encouraged, but rewarded.  With this award, we are able to immortalize the caring and compassion of a young woman whom was so tragically and prematurely taken from us.

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